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Company, Inc.                                 Since 1946


H.C. Wilkinson Co. Inc (since 1946)​
Licensed in Georgia and Florida​
We do not sub-contract our work out

When looking for a vinyl siding, research suggests there a few main components homebuilders and homeowners are looking for. At HC Wilkinson Co., Inc., we searched for and found the company who offered the most desirable traits for our customers such as; durability of the siding, how much maintenance the siding requires, appearance of the siding, and pricing for the siding. We wanted our customers to have the best possible option for their money, that’s why we chose to offer a full line of Variform Vinyl siding products.

Variform has been in the industry for more than 40 years and has the depth of products to prove it. Variform’s great looks and durability combined with low maintenance create a siding choice that exceeds in meeting every quality consumers say they want.

One of the many benefits vinyl siding offers over the usual attractiveness, durability, and ease of maintenance is that your home will instantly become more energy efficient due to increased insulation and energy efficiency. This will automatically lower your Home Energy Rating System.


Technical Information:
• .046” thickness for superior durability
• Tested to withstand winds up to 225mph
• Available in double 5”, double 4” and double 4.5” dutch lap profiles
• Double 4” and double 4.5” dutch lap are available in longer 16’8” lengths for virtually seamless finish


HC Wilkinson Co., Inc., uses soffit from one of the nation’s leading distributors of soffit. Our distributor of soffit allows us to offer our customer’s multiple options when it comes to soffit, our full line of center vent, full vent, or solid vent with a variety of color options is bound to leave our homeowners as happy as can be. HC Wilkinson Co., Inc., also provides the option of going with the 12” or 16” soffit panels.

Our aluminum soffit adds a beautiful finishing touch to any home and stays attractive with little to no care. Aluminum soffit performs as great as it looks, helping create a positive airflow in the attic so homes will stay cooler in the summer and drier in the winter.


In addition to offering aluminum soffit, HC Wilkinson Co., Inc., is glad to offer a full line of accessories to complement the system:
• Aluminum Drip Edge
• Fascia
• F-channel
• J-channel Available in T4 or Q4 form
• Soffit Available in Center, Full or Solid Vent

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