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Regarding the new siding...We could not be more pleased with the way our house now looks.  The new siding makes it seem almost like a new house.  Our three children, as well as our ten grandchildren, were highly complimentary of the new look.  Our one great grandchild, however, had no comment.  Then again, he is barely a year old.


Thanks again for a job very well done.


John and Betty Samaras 

They were absolutely wonderful. We love our screened in porch; it looks very nice. They did an outstanding job, top notch workmanship. 


Thank you all so much. 


The Blanars 

Looks great! Thank you!! 


Dana Perry, Nashville, GA

Thank all of your staff for the fantastic job they did on my new screen porch. They were very professional. The porch looks like it is part of my home and has been for years. Thanks! 


Alton H Bridges, Lakeland, GA

Thank you very much for the newly installed gutters which give a nice finish to the house. Your installation solved our flooding problem. This morning's rain went straight to the street.

Warmest Regards, Larry & Letty Wheeler

“We are most pleased with their work. They did not 'slop the job.'

They took their time and did the work right. They were also genuinely nice people. We would recommend your company to anyone! Thank you."

Blake and Rhonda Griffin, Hahira, GA

“Once again--thanking you Jimmy Carter and crew for the recent pool re-screen and repair. It is encouraging to know that trusted and professional companies are still around and can be called upon for repair and/or replacement. Your first porch job for us was approximately 1986-87. The second job was in 2004. Just wished I had called you FIRST for the biggest porch job which now is leaking! Hindsight is 20/20! Thanks again for the work. I know I can count on you!"

Nita Fico, Madison, FL

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for a job well done! Your company will be HIGHLY recommended by us to all we know. Thank you for all your professional work.”

Jerri Brod, Valdosta, GA
“Hi Jim and Evelyn. Great job! Thank you!”

Shirley, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you so much for your willingness to tackle this for us! We really appreciate the great job!”

Jamie, Valdosta, GA
“I wish all of our subs were this EASY to work with! Thanks again Guy. You have done SUPER work!!!”

The Richardarson's, Valdosta, GA
“Thanks, I'm so excited about getting my windows.”

Betty Reid, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you for the awning and work. I believe it's going be lots cooler. My husband's name is James. L. Hagan.”

James L. Hagan, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you for being so patient, kind, and helpful to us!”

The Brown's, Valdosta, GA
“Thanks Jimmy. Good Job!”

Robert Anderson, Valdosta, GA
“Dear Jim, Thank you for the nice job. We appreciate it. Warmest regards,”

John & Gloria, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you for the job. I'll refer you to other customers.”

Mike Eaves, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you for an excellent job! The soffit and gutter are a great home improvement. Thanks again.”

John Thomason, Valdosta, GA​

“Good Morning. My husband and I just want to say what an amazing job. Thank you sooooo much. We love our screened-in porch.”

Amila Smith, Lakeland, GA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful service provided by you and your husband. We are so pleased with the outcome--can't wait for the rain!”

Len and Verna Harvey, Valdosta, GA

“We love the gutters--best money we have spent on this house--looks fantastic.”

Jay and Sandra Cobb, Valdosta, GA

“Thank you for taking out our old windows and putting in our new windows. Guy did a very nice job. He makes sure that everything is done perfectly. Randy and I appreciate the quality of work your company provides.”

Randy and Iris Ellis, Valdosta, GA

“Great job!!! Very professional.”

Pat Sutter, Valdosta, GA

“Dear Evelyn & Jimmy, Heartfelt thanks to you for the beautiful work on our home! It surpassed even my dreams. But, most of all, thanks for being so friendly and helpful. Sincerely,”
Linda & Mike McKovitz
“Jimmy, Evelyn, and Crew, We are sending some photos of the screened porch you build for us. Thought you might like to have some to show customers...We have really been enjoying our porch!! (We're impressed with the vinyl windows..Especially with all the Hurricanes we had last summer...They are tough!) Everybody tells us how nice it is and what a good job you did...They all know your "quality work"...It speaks for itself..."Jimmy Carter... H.C.  Wilkinson".. Thank you so much.”
Jenny and Rob Covell, Madison, FL
“Thanks Jimmy, You and the boys did a wonderful job, and I'll be sure to tell everybody who did the work. Thanks again.”

Wayne & Pat Kauffman, Valdosta, GA
“Dear Mr. Carter, Thank you so much for your kindness in repairing our screen. It was a pleasure having met you and your family. We certainly will call you for all our repairs or replacements. Thank you.”

Vivian Armstrong, Dasher, GA
“Thank you for all the work you have done for us. You did a great job and we are pleased. You are a nice family. God Bless You!”
The Allens, Naylor, GA
“Jimmy, Thank You! The gutters look great. The young man who was here was very competent and pleasant. He represented your company well.”

Fran Poropatic, Valdosta, GA
“Thanks for a job well done!!!!”

R. Dillard, Jasper, FL
“Dear Mr. Carter, Thank you so much for the discount you gave us on the vinyl siding for our new home. We love the color, it is perfect. Thanks again for your contribution, it is greatly appreciated.”

Bethany Dollar & Jimmy Smith, Valdosta, GA
“Jimmy, Thanks for the professional job you did on the gutters at the church.”

Bob Hunt, Valdosta, GA
“Thank you so very much for your service. It is so comforting to be able to trust someone around my mother. Mr. Carter and sons have been a pleasure for her to be around. Thanks again.”

Avera Rhoades, Valdosta, GA

“My wife and I are very pleased with our gutters. I'll bring you some screens to repair in the near future.”

Dustin Arnold, Hahira, GA

“Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the work your company has done. The gutters look great and I am very happy with it. Best Regards.”

Steve Wansley, Valdosta, GA

“I love the insulated patio top and the rescreening of our screen room!! And so does everyone else that hangs out at the pool.”

Judy Wilson, Valdosta, GA

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